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Join our Free Mini-Course for EU MDR 2017/745

Easy Medical Device propose you to participate to a free EU MDR Online Training with the objective to know more about the new European Medical Device Regulation EU MDR 2017/745

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Hot topic

The current new Hot Topic on the Medical Device Industry is named eMDR 2017/745. This brings some changes to the business and needs actions now. But some companies are still thinking that they have time for it. If they were aware of the impact on their company they would immediately change their mind and start to carry out the changes now. To increase your awareness, I propose you to take part of a 6 days Email Course. Within 6 days, you'll be able to say that you know about the high level information for this changes. Your mission then will be to Act immediately.

Easy Medical Device - Free Mini-Course MDR 2017/745

What is an email course?

An email course is a series of emails that you will receive every day. On each of those email you will learn something that is important for your business on eMDR 2017 745. Usually, this is something that people are paying to be part of. For my email course, I decided to give it for free. As it took me really a lot of time to build all this, I hope you'll really not give up and go until the end. My main goal is for people to learn more on Medical Devices. So if after those 6 days, this course offers you just a bit more of awareness, my mission would be accomplished.

Easy Medical Device - Email Course MDR 2017/745

How will it work?

For each topic on the EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745, I will give you the high level information you need to learn. On some of the email you will also have access to some documents to download like Forms, Mind Maps or tools to test. This is easy information to digest but you'll need to read all the emails to get the benefits of it. On Day 6, you will receive the link to a Quiz with 10 questions. If you reach the score of 8 out 10 then I can consider that you succeeded. Don't give up and go until the end. This is really for you.


Very informative course. I had the pleasure to benefit from this course to get introduced to the new MDR 2017/745 and learn how it will impact the field of medical devices. The lectures and support material are easy to understand and straight to the point. I recommend it for everyone who wants to learn about the new MDR 2017/745. Waiting for more informative publications from "Easy Medical Device".
Avatar Men
Abd Raad
I recently completed the Easy Medical Device Mini-Course for MDR 2017/745 by Monir El Azzouzi. El Azzouzi provided an excellent introduction and explanations for several key components of the MDR requirements for medical devices. I am relatively new to the medical device arena but El Azzouzi used terminology that I could understand and provided additional explanation for concepts that he knew could be challenging. The MDR Mini-Course is a tool you definitely will want to utilize when you begin your journey to understanding medical device regulations!
Katherine Fox
Medical Device Professional USA
The Easy Medical Device mini-course was a great starting point for me in the medical device regulatory field. It gives an easy-to-understand breakdown of the EU MDR 2017/745. Having completed the course, I was in a much better position to begin writing documents and procedures for my own ISO13485 compliant QMS. Mark
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Mark O'Sullivan
Medical Device Professional
The Easy Medical Device Mini-Course for MDR 2017/745 by Monir El Azzouzi enabled me to get my head around the medical device regulations, and understand what is required. This mini-course provides the best information I’ve been able to find on the subject. I have found it very useful and would recommend to anyone who needs a good understanding of these regulations.
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Guy Walker
Medical Device Supplier
The Easy Medical Device Mini-Course for MDR 2017/745 allowed me to step in the medical device regulations world. The course help for someone who’s eager to go through and learn more about MDR, it is so easy going and the content as much as the form is so comprehensive, Thanks again Monir for all effort required to build such mini-course
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Antar Laïb
Medical Device Student
The Easy Medical Device Mini Course went above and beyond my expectations. I have paid considerable sums for other courses that have not delivered the value that Mr. El Azzouzi has packed into this free course. The course lays a solid foundation for anyone interested in the exciting field of medical devices and the regulatory processes involved in placing them on the market. Although the course is aimed at manufacturers, I was specifically interested in becoming more versed in producing the technical documents associated with the regulatory aspects of medical devices, as I am transitioning to the field from medical editing. The course has been of TREMENDOUS value to me, and I'm confident it can help anyone to easily grasp and understand the general principles of the industry.
Petal Smart
Medical Editor, Veterinary Surgeon
This course serves as a good basis to understand the most important points from eu mdr in a most convenient way and it would definitely benefit all RA professionals who are either just learning on this topic or it could serve as a revision for more seasoned ones.
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Ray Soh
Consultant from ARQon
I have been involved with the QA/RA aspects of Medical Devices, as well as the import of these devices into Europe, since 1987. I have worked through all of the changes over this time frame and have found this course to be a very informative course on the new MDR and is a very nice jumping off point.
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Eric Carey
QA/RA Professional
A big thank you for keeping us updated about MDR. It is very helpful and your efforts are very much appreciated
P Thapa
Quality and Regulatory Manager

Are you asking yourself why you should register to this mini-course?

I will tell you.

  • Are you in the process to transition from the MDD 93/42/EC to the new Medical Device Regulation EU MDR 2017/745?
  • Do you struggle to know what are the real changes that are happening? or how to get MDR certified to continue my business?
  • Are you a consultant learning about this new regulation for your customers?
  • Are you looking for a Medical Device Training provided by a Medical Device Expert?
  • Do you start on the Medical Device Field?
  • Or your company produce products that are now in the scope of the regulation (cosmetics, aesthetics…)

Then, you are at the right place. I will teach you with this Free Mini-Course, the basics you should know so you can start your process. It’s an Easy Course that will help you to build the Foundation of your training journey.

Start with it first and maybe to jump after that to a more advanced one.

This is a Medical Device Online Training Course on MDR 2017 745. It will introduce you to this new regulation without providing all the details.  Some information about IVDR 2017 746 are also included related to the transition period.

It includes, some videos, documents to download, a Quiz and certificate of completion.

"Do you want a Free and Easy to understand Online Training on EU MDR 2017/745?"

This is the best one


KPMG / RAPS survey on EU MDR 2017/745 Compliance

On a recent survey made by KPMG and RAPS, I discovered that:

“78% of Medical Device companies stated that, as of today, they do not have a sufficient understanding of the EU MDR legislation”

This is a really shocking sentence.

Because if you think about it, imagine now that 100 Medical Device Companies are in your country. If I translate the sentence from the survey, only 22 companies will remain on business by May 26th 2020.

Why do I say that?

Because if they are not aware now of what is EU MDR then they also don’t know that a real tsunami is coming to them.

I know some will say that I am exaggerating, I really I hope you are right, because if you are not, then you are dead.

Follow me for more information

Do you want to learn for free the fundamentals of the EU MDR 2017/745?

Detail of the EU MDR Online Training

You’ll understand why the European Commission decided to update the old Medical Device Regulation. 

The Medical Device Regulation (eu mdr) 2017/745 is born because of a fraud.

Learn more on this eMDR Training Courses 

If you are not familiar with the Economic operators, you will see their roles and responsibility. There is a lot of updates on this so really important to follow this part of the mini-course

You still need to CE mark your medical device before to put it on the European Market. But there are some changes on the Conformity Assessment, classification… This will impact your current situation.

For this section there is a hudge update. You should review all your documentation and maybe need to redo some new tests on your products. Depends if the classification changed.

The US already implemented UDI and now it’s the turn of EU. Learn what it means for your products. 

EUDAMED is the new platform for manufacturers.

Structure of this EU Medical Device Regulation Training Course

Infographic Mini-Course MDR 2017/745
Free Medical Device Regulation online training course (EU MDR 2017 745)
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Free Medical Device Regulation online training course (EU MDR 2017 745)
Participate to a 6 days Email Course to learn more on the Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017 745. During those 6 days, you will learn key information. During the last day, you will receive a link for a Quizz. To thank you we will provide you a Certificate of Completion.
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Easy Medical Device
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