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Proper packaging of medical products holds paramount significance in the healthcare industry as it guarantees the security, safety, and genuineness of the products throughout their life cycle.

Strict Standards

Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring your devices meet compliance standards in the market they will be sold. We provide thorough reviews of packaging information to confirm adherence to rigorous regulations that prioritize patient safety. Rest assured, we understand the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance in the medical packaging industry.

Packaging Easy Medical Device

Functions and Requirements

Protection of products

Medical packaging is essential for preserving product quality throughout storage, transportation, and use, guarding against damage, contamination, and decay.


The packaging of medical products should guarantee complete traceability, starting from production until usage, to ensure compliance with regulations and safety.


Direct printing on flat folding cardboard or printing on paper for corrugated cardboard

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Silk screen printing
  • Hot marking

All finishes

  • Film coating
  • Embossing
  • Stamping
  • UV varnish
  • Machine varnish
  • Acrylic varnish
  • Printing on both sides
  • The cut-out on the lid tamper
  • Proof system on the closing legs’ Rounded edges
  • Cut-out with PVC window or film coating


Our hanging cases can be printed on different types of cardboard: The choice of a cardboard is not obvious, so Easy Medical Device is at your side to advise you on the choice of your cardboard, do not hesitate to ask us before placing your order, we will guide you on the choice of your carrier.

Premium White Cardboard (GC1): ideal for cosmetics and pharmacies, and small sizes

Front colour: white / Back colour: off-white / Made from virgin fibres / Suitable for food contact / We offer this cardboard in 300 gr and 320 gr

White Cardboard (GC2): ideal for combining cost, printing quality and durability.

Suitable for receiving food (non-fat), it has a good ability in cold environments / Colour on the front: white / Colour on the back: cream / Made from virgin fibres / Suitable for food contact / We offer this carton in 250 gr and 340 gr

White Cardboard Luxe (GZ): the top-of-the-range cardboard for your luxurious products.

Extra smooth surface / Front colour: white / Back colour: white / Made of virgin fibres / Exceptional rigidity / Silver metallic coating possible / Suitable for food contact / We offer this cardboard in 330 gr and 360 gr

Very rigid white cardboard:

For the manufacture of luxury boxes and boxes Front color: smooth white / Back color: smooth white / Suitable for food contact / We offer this cardboard in 550 gr

2-sided kraft cardboard

Color on the front: kraft brown / Color on the back: kraft brown / Suitable for food contact / We offer this cardboard in 300 gr and 345 gr

Configure your Cases

Packaging is now a very important factor in purchasing decisions. Customizing your products with quality folding cases will be a pledge of professionalism for your customers.



Easy Medical Device will design for you the box graphics and the regulatory content.

This will combine your aesthetics requirements and the legal requirements. A checklist is provided also with all the proofs that the text and symbols are respecting the laws.


We are also taking care of the manufacturing of the packaging and the shipping. The orders can also planned so a delivery can be planned all along the year.

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Packaging for Medical Devices
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Packaging for Medical Devices
Your Packaging is part of your Medical Device and should also follow the regulation. Easy Medical Device is helping you then to design and manufacturer your packaging material and also delivering of the packaging. Contact us.
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