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Easy Medical Device is a consulting firm that helps Medical Device companies to stay compliant to the regulations all over the world.

We are proposing a service related to Quality and Regulatory affairs and can help investors to identify the right targets for their portfolio.


To execute this mission, Easy Medical Device will be able to perform multiple actions:

  • Due diligence
  • Development support
  • Support to remediation

Due Diligence

Easy Medical Device will help you to evaluate the targeted investment company by executing due diligence focused on the Quality and Regulatory affairs aspect of the project.

The due diligence can consist on:

  • Desktop audit of the company through public information and through data provided by the company.
  • On-site audit with a review of the current situation of the company and establishment of a list of observations.

The due diligence process and focus will be defined in collaboration with the investor.

So as an investor, you can contact Easy Medical Device and provide all your information about a certain company to then be able to receive feedback with a risk score in terms of Quality and Regulatory aspects.

Development support

For startups that are in an early stage, it is important to already define the Quality and Regulatory strategy for the products.

Easy Medical Device can be your partner to guarantee that the product’s strategy is moving in the right direction and that a minimum delay will be expected.

Support to remediation

Easy Medical Device is a consulting firm that is experienced to support medical device companies to reach compliance.

The other part of the mission that is proposed will consist of establishing a remediation plan and defining a tracking dashboard with actions, due dates, and responsible persons.

A final audit can be planned to verify if no remaining actions are missing.

Centralize your activities

Easy Medical Device is active in the EU, UK, and Switzerland. This helps companies that are located outside of these regions to have an Authorized Representative in the country. 

Easy Medical Device can act as the authorized representative for your companies which means that there is one point of contact and 1 service provider company to manage.

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Easy Medical Device is supporting investors that are looking to invest on Medical Device companies. Our service will help them to identify if the company is compliant in term of Quality and Regulatory affairs for the target region of sales.